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To: WOPC Congress.

I want to officially announce to the congress that IRS has officially retracted and have sent the earlier diverted documents to our official address. The President has received it. The investigation is still on going and we are waiting for the final determination from IRS. IRS will officially forward all the fraudulently filed documents that was used to fraudulently apply and divert WOPC mails. With the official determination, we will know who filed the application and who fraudulently signed the documents sent to IRS. Legal subpoena will soon be served to those involved and serious deposition will follow. Very soon arrest warrants will be issued. This case is ongoing and has no effect on our Boston convention. Like I promised you, this matter will be fully and legally addressed and the perpetrators will face American jurisprudence.

Few days ago, most members have been calling me to confirm whether the information floating around that Mr. Dickson Eke and his chapter wants to re-register with WOPC. Let me clearly inform our members that Mr. Dickson Eke has sent $700.00 requesting that he and his chapter be registered with WOPC after he had advised and deceived some chapters not to register or renew their membership to WOPC.

Mr. Dickson Eke is still under suspension from WOPC and also removed as a board chairman because of his numerous anti WOPC activities. The administration is reviewing his recent application and a determination will be made later. WOPC administration and the Board of Directors are fully aware of the circumstances surrounding Mr. Dickson Eke’s new romance to the only beautiful bride. Please, members should remain calm. Mr. Dickson is still under suspension and his chapter at this time is not registered until a final determination is made.

I would want to inform the congress that the law suit filed by Mr. Dickson Eke and his cohorts was disposed on June 3rd 2016. However, the judgement will be published and you will see that these guys had no case. We have patiently waited for this judgement day after many resets for them to get their case filed correctly. This time we decided to go ahead and have the mess thrown out and dismissed.

I know many people are writing comments about this case. It is important to remember that all the people involved are currently not members of WOPC and their chapters not registered with WOPC. Mr. Dickson Eke, Dan Akaluso, Damian Ohale, Ghandi Nze, Stella Njemanze and Charles Njemanze are also under suspension by the board.

Final determination will be made by the congress in Boston to EXPEL the above named individuals as recommended by the BOD. It is very important that all registered members be present at the Boston convention where this land mark decision will be made. The details of the BOD recommendations will read at the convention.

Together, we must send serious and strong message to one or group of people who may be nursing the idea to derail the Owerre Agenda. Those who wish to destabilize WOPC have to think twice because my leadership in the BOD are determined to use this present case to serve as a deterrent to others who may wish to propagate stupidity.

Everyone is looking forward to be in Boston. We encourage you to book your flights as summer is around the corner. Boston is a reality and the strategic committee is working seriously to make sure that we have fun in Boston while we seriously address Owerre concerns.

Owerre wu Oke Mba.


Ken Ekechi. (Chairman WOPC Board of Directors).

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