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Several people have called me in reference to the WOPC law suit by Mr. Dickson Eke and Co asking if there were any negotiations, resolutions or reconciliations going on. Let me categorically state that there is no reconciliatory process at this point and WOPC is not interested and is not planning for any. We were sued and this matter is in court. This matter is taking its judicial process. WOPC and the legal team are competently addressing this case in court. The congress knows that this case has been postponed three times by our opponents. We are at the last bus stop for that postponement. We know Mr. Eke has no case and very soon an official statement will be out to shine further lights for clarity purposes. We are seeking for justice for the congress, for the administration, for Nde Owerre and negotiating out of court at this time is not an option. There will be no reconciliation without justice.

By now, as stipulated previously, WOPC executives should have been paraded in their orange jump suit for embezzlement and mismanagement as alleged. I know many people have been hurt, some insulted to the highest degree while other have their character and integrity destroyed. We have passed this stage of finger pointing and all we need now is to wait for judicial justice from Texas Court. This will happen very soon. Let’s put off this matter in our minds. There is nothing to it. Like they say at home “NO SHAKING”. The congress moves on to Boston. Put on your dancing shoes and psychedelic wears and get ready to have fun. I got mine ready and I hope you got yours too. It is time for family and friend’s re-union in the Harvard city of Boston.

It is not easy to walk into a crowded theater and yell fire, fire, in America when there is no fire. Whoever does such a thing know that if all he or she was seeking was attention, that individual would hit the stumbling block of the American jurisprudence. Our common good and communal solidarity cannot be threatened or destroyed without consequences. Our common destiny must continue to drive us into the city of Boston. We must have our fun regardless of the mediocre forces who wants to be viewed as relevant. We must ignore them because communal good and solidarity supersedes individual resistance and private interests. Our common good for Nde owerre remains superior. At this time , we are not going to join issues with Mr. Dickson Eke and his euphoric hold as Chairman. The lawyers are looking into it with all the propaganda, deformation and misinformation will not go without serious consequences. Very soon the hammer hit. My advice to the congress is to remain calm and go about their planning to enjoy themselves in Boston.

Nde Owerre are all matured, learned and knows right from wrong. They cannot be persuaded with propaganda and innuendos. They can separate stupidity from facts. Those who violate or work against Owerre common good and community solidarity will not be free from public and communal humiliation, punishment and condemnations. Our common destiny is sacred and in Boston, we will rekindle our common interest. Anyone who nurses his or her private interest to destroy WOPC is playing with fire.

Owerre people are watching and are coming to Boston 2016 to see for themselves. 2016 Boston convention will be full of temperance, humility and “Social Doctrine”. As we continue to work together, we contribute to the common good and help insure success for a common Owerre agenda.

Finally, under my watch and that of the executives of this congress, all avenues and loop holes for the 2016 Boston Convention has been covered including judicial and law enforcement parameters. Anyone who perpetrates any kind of irresponsibility will have his or herself to blame. It will not be between you and WOPC, it will be you and the American jurisprudence. I have gone to Boston with the Board of Directors and the executives to inspect the Hotels everyone would stay and where we will have the GALA NIGHT. All is well and we are heading to Boston. Our brothers and sisters in Boston and other parochial organizations that are not WOPC ARE VERY EXCITED we are coming to their city. We are also going to attend the “Boston Owerre Day Celebration” taking place in April. Reserve your Limo and together we will storm the city of Boston in a celeb fashion.

Boston here we come.

Long live WOPC

Long live Nde Owerre.

See you in Boston.


Ken Ekechi (Chairman WOPC Board of Directors).

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