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Member Plan Outlines:

(A) Specificity of Grandfathered Membership Category (Qualification/Eligibility)

  1. To qualify for the grandfather clause, a member must be in the WOPC 2019 Membership List.

  2. All names/members in the 2020 WOPC Membership List that are not in the 2019 Membership List are Qualified for half year convention (50% of the payout amount)

  3. All names/members that existed in prior years’ List but were dropped and/or not in 2019 List due to noncompliance. (example, if a member existed in WOPC List from 2018 and prior, but fail to meet 2019 financial and/or other obligations, which led to their being dropped of 2019 List, shall be grandfathered if they exist in the 2020 List.

(B)  Vestment Period for New Members and Proration

  1. Vestment Period in the Plan shall be one year after enrolling in the organization. Example, “Member A” will be fully vested on April 1st 2022 if “Member A” was enrolled in the Organization by March 31st 2021 and on the Benefit Plan by December 31st 2021. In this example, member A will receive 50% of payout amount between January 1st and March 31st2022 and 100% of payout amount from April 1st 2022.

  2. Members who joined local chapters between April1st and July 31st will participate in the plan starting January of the succeeding year at half-year convention rule. Example, “If Member B” was enrolled in a local chapter between April 1st  and July 31st 2021, Member B will be allowed to enroll in the Benefit Plan on December 31st 2021, member B will receive 50% of payout amount between January 1st and March 31st 2022 and 100% of payout amount from April 1st2023.

(C)  Qualifying Membership Participatory Obligations to WOPC/Plan

  1. The Congress to revisit and address membership Section of WOPC Constitution.

(D)  Acceptable New Membership - Risk Threshold 

  1. All new prospects must be resident in the United States 

  2. With intention to relocate to the United States and make a living

(E)  Outside Continental USA (OCONUS) Residency or Dual National Residency Clause

  1. Per WOPC Constitution, all Registered and qualified members are allowed to participate in the Association affairs. Therefore, such right should extend to participation in the Plan regardless of member's current resident

Other Recommendations

  1. No person should Register their parents

  2. Parents who wish to Register should be allowed to Register themselves via local chapter

  3. Local chapters should be held accountable for all information they transmit to the National including but not limited to membership eligibility list 

  4. WOPC Board and Executives should set a penalty for chapters' violation of item #3 above


At Large Member's subscribing to the WOPC member plan can remit their premium through ZELLE using email Zelle account


Evidence of payment should be sent to or to

Chapter member premiums would be remitted through the chapter leadership to the WOPC financial secretary.

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