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In The Pursuit of being proactive … consider this!

Background The world of humans is made of two sexes. The male gender and the female gender. Between these genders are very interesting differences. Each gender has areas of life that the other gender is found unable and verily impossible. Nde Owerre have plenty of those differences that exist between the sexes. For example, the female gender of nde Owerre has been the obvious vehicle that has helped to continue the growth in number of the people of nde Owerre. This gender has played significant roles to nurture humanity of nde Owerre breed. Prince Nico Mbargo – embellished the female gender and anointed her as “sweet mother”. Bongo music artistes have in many different ways exalted the being of the female gender. She is a paramount partner that is well versed in NURTURING. On the other hand is the Owerre male gender. In his absence there will not be any single being in Owerre. The bloke from Owerre instigates to build the enabling environment for nature to take its course, the Owerre male gender is the prober – tirelessly seeking to advance humanity na ala Owerre, the male gender from Owerre is a desperate being who is focused to not lay back but work hard to ensure continuity of humanity. Recent Events In celebrating International Women’s Day in 2016, Air India flew a Boeing 787 airliner from Delhi, India to San Francisco, USA with all women crew. What it meant is that the captain of the plane and her co-pilots, then all the air hostesses were all women. What a feat? “An all-female crew operated the world's longest continuous flight this week, from Delhi to San Francisco, in honor of International Women's Day. Flight AI 73 on India's national carrier, Air India, travelled a distance of 14,500 kilometres over 17 hours. It took off from Delhi on March 6 and landed in San Francisco the following day; the crew flew back to Delhi on March 8.” Here is a flight that takes almost 17 hours to arrive at the final destination; and all the passengers rest their confidences and hopes on the good piloting of a bunch of women in the cockpit surrounded by sophiscated instrument and technology.

Closer to home, Air Ethiopia also boast of all women crew to fly a plane and the passengers to their destinations.

Lessons Learned Buoyed by the feat of the female gender as explained above, there are lessons to be learned by nde Owerre, home and abroad as it sits in WOPC. WOPC is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for nde Owerre. But this dreamliner has less than the passenger capacity of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner flown by all women crew of Air India. There is now a hard and concrete fact existing that we all, as humans, are blessed with innate gifts to enable our capacity and capabilities to excel if given the opportunity. WOPC membership boasts of an astonishing number of the female gender. The Owerre female gender should be encouraged and be considered to take up responsibilities that are similar to those female captain and co-pilots who flew the plane. The Owerre female gender – obviously has a natural capacity to NURTURE and that capacity underlines their capabilities to outshine the Owerre male gender. WOPC is not a sexist congress. It is a congress and umbrella organization that is all inclusive. The inclusiveness begets “I can do” attitude for the Owerre female gender and the Owerre male gender has a part to play to make that become a reality, that way they would be giving a helping hand to enhance the opportunity for the Owerre female gender. The inclusiveness makes the willing individual Owerre female gender to pursue a goal among her peers that would bring her nurturing capacity and ability to grow a “mammoth being” like WOPC into that formidable and excellent body. Evidences exist about the Owerre female gender capacity and capabilities and one cannot argue against that, else we all would be considered failures. A Moment of Truth In the final analysis, the Owerre male gender need to put the success of the Air India captain and co-pilots into perspective and realize that it may well be that the Owerre female gender can do better to bring plenty of successes in WOPC. The Owerre male gender has laid the foundation as expected. You probed and established a basic framework. Your ability to lay down the foundation and framework is that which you do well. You shaped the possibilities and that is just about all. The natural handover, in the development process, need to take hold. It is now time to nurture WOPC and the Owerre female gender will do it better than the Owerre male gender.

The saying goes then to the Owerre blokes that --- In the pursuit of being proactive – consider to prepare your mind to make the Owerre female gender the option to nurture and lead WOPC in the next term.

There is a lot of positive lessons to learn!

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