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2016 WOPC Convention Boston

Greeting Nde Owerre:

Today our people are dying in the hundreds from sickness and diseases treatable with over-the-counter medications, even, in many third world nations. Our schools from elementary to university levels are mere shadows of what they ought to be. Joblessness, poverty, and apathy is the order of the day, with exception of a few who have managed to convert public funds into private and family property. Traditional values, culture and institutions are no longer safe grounds from the self-serving government manipulations in the name of governance.

This 2016 WOPC Convention in Boston Massachusetts affords that opportunity for a collective review of our past with an eye to directing our future. Our focus in the discus consist but not limited to these core issues:

  • That Owerri should be a center of medical excellence - because we have the people and know-how to accomplish this.

  • That Owerri should become a center of excellence in information technology with well thought digital economy - because we have the people and know-how to accomplish this.

  • That the current land tenure system has systematically made the Owere man a stranger in his own land, and must therefore be revisited - again we have the people to do this.

  • That we must address the political disequilibrium as well as recurrent self-inflicted wounds that has kept highly qualified gubernatorial candidates of Owere origin from the corridors of Douglas House.

  • That the current zoning of local governments give undue advantage to certain areas in Imo State, and must be revisited.

WOPC believes that these issues can only be addressed by a people UNITED in their resolve to take their own future into their own hands. A few years ago, Nde Owerri came together and decided that we must henceforth speak with a single voice. Izu Owere was born to become the umbrella organization to make our case. During our Tennessee convention our politicians and leaders were invited to begin the necessary dialogue for a UNITED Owere. This unity is the main objective of our 2016 convention in Boston, Massachusetts. A united Owere is not a choice, it is the only way forward.

Toni Mbah

President WOPC

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